Protect Birds for the Next Big Year

I am back from Florida, and scrambling to get ready for my penultimate trip of the year: Big Bend National Park and southeastern Arizona.  But before I go, I’d like to take a minute to ask you for your support.  As I’ve traveled around North America this year, I have been reminded that the natural world is both stunningly beautiful and also incredibly fragile.  Birds like Kirtland’s Warbler and Whooping Crane teeter on the brink of extinction.  Whole habitats, like the California coastal marshes, Washington’s big sage country, and Minnesota’s tall grass prairies and wetlands are threatened.

Please consider making a donation to the Nature Conservancy on my behalf.  I’m trying to raise $700 by the time my Big Year ends in mid-June (only 6 weeks away!), $1 for each species I hope to see by then.  If you can chip in 1 cent per species ($7), or 4 cents ($28), or even 10 cents ($70), I’d really appreciate it.  (No partial refunds if I don’t quite make it all the way to 700!).  My wife has already kicked in some money (thanks, Kristi!), so I only have $500 to go.

You can donate at the Nature Conservancy’s website here:

I thank you very much, and so does this Kirtland’s Warbler!

Kirtland's Warbler

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