East Coast Wrap Up



 I’ve been back from the East Coast for more than a week, but I’ve been a bit slow updating my blog.  It was a very successful trip, and I enjoyed poking around some new and some familiar places.

Total bird species: 144

Total miles driven: 1481

Total miles by ferry: 17

Total miles on foot: 50

Favorite Place: Higbee Beach in Cape May, NJ

Most amazing morning: Seeing thousands of warblers at the “hot corner” at Bluff Point State Park, CT (Sept 16).  Some other birders wrote up their experience that morning here.  I was standing next to them against the fence (first photo on their page) for a while.

Best birds: Lesser Black-backed Gull, Saltmarsh Sparrow, & White-rumped Sandpiper

Biggest Miss: Buff-breasted Sandpiper & American Golden-Plover

Biggest pain in the @ss: sitting on sharp rocks at Hawk Mountain trying to identify distant specks (is that a bird or are my binocs dirty?)

Best food: The Gyro Plate at Yorkside Pizza, New Haven, CT

Unexpected thrill: Poking my head into the little classroom where I first learned Organic Chemistry.


Most out-of-place birds: Monk Parakeets, building a large stick nest in a CT park – aren’t you guys supposed to be living in Argentina??  [Feral populations have been established in many urban areas along the East Coast.]

Least Favorite East Coast Things: Tolls.  Crazy, crazy, tolls.  And crazy east coast drivers.  And driving on the Cross Bronx “Expressway.”  I guess I’ll stop complaining when I have to pay $3.50 to cross the 520 bridge.

Anyhow, it’s good to be back in Seattle.  I’ll be in Washington state for a while, visiting local schools, hanging with my little people, writing some college rec letters, and trying to track down a few more birds.  More later….



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